Hilldale Community Association

The Hilldale Community Association

The Hilldale Community Association is a registered charity.  It was formed in 2003 with the express objectives of:

(i)  advancing education and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation.

(ii) improving the conditions of life for the residents by organising events and helping to provide facilities which will benefit the whole community.

The HCA committee is currently reviewing the Constitution to ensure that it contunues to reflect the us - the Village - and what we want to do as a community.

As explained on the Home page, we run a series of events throughout the year to which all are invited.  Some of these events are for fund raising purposes and some, such as the Coffee Mornings, are simply arranged as "get togethers".

At the last Hilldale Fair we asked for suggestions from the visitors of things they'd like to have done to improve things - a Wish Tree.  Some of these are easy to do and some are not - normally because they need large funds. We will provide an update for the Wish List projects and any others which are subsequently added.

We hold our meetings about once a month - usually in the Rigbye Arms.  Please come along - call one of the committee members and we'll be able to tell you the next date and time.  Also, there is the Annual General Meeting to which everyone in Hilldale Parish is invited.  Look out for the notices on our Noticeboard.

Now that we have our own noticeboard, you can display notices - contact a committee member and we'll arrange it.

Hilldale Community Association
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