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Parbold Evangelical Church, Chorley Road,

Hilldale WN8 7AN

How The Mission came into existence.

A formal meeting of Christians, connected with The Mission, began in 1877 before there was a building on the Chorley Road.

 The community then consisted of scattered farms and workers’ cottages.  The opening of the Hilldale Finches’ Quarry was in 1880 bringing significant employment to the area.

 In 1889 ‘The Mission’ almost as we see it now, was built by generous subscriptions of finance and local labour.  The Finches had connections with both the building and trusteeship of the work.

 A Sunday School was soon begun and took place every Sunday afternoon.  This became renowned in the surrounding districts and parishes.  Parents sent their children to gain from the profitable enjoyment in learning from God’s Word, with the added benefit, for parents, of a quiet hour or two on a Sunday afternoon!  A ‘Young Sowers League’ was held every Tuesday evening to encourage young people to read, mark and learn key Bible texts.  By this means points could be earned in order to receive a personal copy of ‘the book of books’!

 Current senior members at the Church were pupils and subsequently teachers in a well established work around the 1930s. They and the present membership have a due regard and love for God’s Word and all He has to say in our contemporary world.

 We invite you to this season’s events as well as our regular activities which all take place within a warm and beautifully refurbished interior.



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